Simon Norfolk's photographs from Norfolk/Burke are included in the UConn Reads: Sacred Ground exhibition at the William Benton Museum of Art, the show is based on Eboo Patel’s 2012 book Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America, which outlines a vision of America where people of all faiths can make a country where diverse traditions can thrive side by side.

Jude Broughan's Athenree reviewed by The Village Voice.

Richard Renaldi's Manhattan Sunday is featured in The Guardian. Manhattan Sunday will be exhibited at The Eastman Museum from January 21 through June 11, 2017. 

Matthew Pillsbury photographed for New York Magazine's Reasons to Love New York (12th Edition).

Gillian Laub's photo essay documents how fur is a common thread across all demographic groups. 

Jeffrey Milstein's aerials of London's streets and unique architecture are featured in The Creator Project. 

Jude Broughan featured in Nada VS UNTITLED: A Battle on the Beach by Paul Laster. 

Richard Renaldi's Manhattan Sunday featured in NBC Out Life and Style.