Michael Najjar is having a solo video exhbition at the Des Moines Art Center from May 4 - July 16, 2017.

Physical closeness is one of the themes in Massimo Vitali’s “Solarium Verticle (#2815)”, 2007 which was exhibited at Due South, a cross-cultural group exhibition focused on Sicily at The Delaware Contemporary.

Jeffrey Milstein's aerials of them parks featured in The Daiy Mail.

"My work intends to show the tension where the natural world and human habitat meet" - Massimo Vitali 


Laura McPhee lecture at the DeCordova Museum, Thursday, April 20 at 630pm.

Massimo Vitali's selection of new works featured in Forbes Magazine.

Gillian Laub photographed Kirsten Gillibrand for New York Magazine. 

Jeffrey Milstein colorful aerials featured in TIME.