Time Magazine's Lightbox series has posted an article titled A Day at the Beach: The Photographs That Moved Them Most, which includes Laub's image Abir, Munir, And Sullman Jaffa, 2002, from the series Testimony.

The Daily Mail has published a story on Jeffrey Milstein's airial images of Gatwick Airport.

Read about Susannah Ray's Book and exhibition Right Coast here:

Feature Shoot

City Lab

DNA Info


The Wall Street Journal has published a story titled Star Wars, about construction and competition at New York's luxury department stores, which includes photos by Matthew Pillsbury.

The New Yorker has published a story about Christopher Payne's images of the Verizon Building in New York.

Christopher Payne captures enduring grandeur Steinway factory. 

The Family Acid's Roger Steffens invites Roderick Stanley into his LA abode to discuss LSD consumption, counterculture and why, at age 74, now is the right time to make his exhibition debut.

WideWalls features Roger Steffens and The Family Acid.