Christopher Woodcock was born in San Francisco in 1975 and received his BFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002. His subjects vary from scenic landscapes to professional models to impeccably framed urban environments featuring repeated architectural patterns. Woodcock is fascinated by the concept of modernism as it pertains to the construction of buildings and urban architecture.
Much of his work centers on the complex geometrical patterns of city structures and building frames, and the construction of an image, which the artist has described as “a site-specific intervention captured on film.” In Desert Prophets, a series of photographs of Yucca brevifolia, more commonly known as the Joshua tree, Woodcock treats the images as portraits rather than landscapes, photographing these symbols of the Mojave desert at night in order to collapse the panoramic space of the daytime desert. Isolated against a dark curtain of night, each figure is painted with a series of strobe flashes, giving the individual trees a sense of dimension and almost human morphology.
Woodcock’s publications include Bedroom Rockers: Where DJs Call Home. His photographs have been exhibited internationally, including in Canada, Israel, and Russia.

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