Michael Najjar's outer space series will be the artist’s first exhibition at the gallery and the first big showing of the series in New York City.

"Payne is at his best when he finds a hook of humanity, when we as viewers can get beyond the grand architecture and begin to imagine the lives that inhabited these rooms."- Loring Knoblauch

Michael Najjar interviewd by Rachel Lowry for TIME. 

"Payne’s photographs are powerfully elegiac, perhaps especially so for someone who has worked and lived in such places and seen them full of people, full of life." - Oliver Sacks

Christopher Payne's Asylum exhibition featured in Untapped Cities.

Simon Norfolk will be exhibiting works at the photo exhibition Seen on Earth, March 17 to June 30, 2016. The show is a vivid presentation of three international positions that deal with the ongoing destruction of the environment in different ways. 

Lauren Semivan exhibiting works through March 30, 2016.

Jeffrey Mistein is part of Brandts major spring exhibition, The Dream of Flying, which tells the sensational and sensory story of the drama of flight.