AnOther Magazine selects The Family Acid as one of the best of AIPAD. 

i-D highlights The Family Acid as a must see at AIPAD.

Iconic image from Matthew Pillsbury in The New York Times.

“Looking to our own habitat from a new perspective will help us understand and appreciate the value and uniqueness of our planet,” he said. “That’s what artists do.” - Michael Najjar

"The series tries to open certain windows, certain frames to make people understand that the Earth is not the limit of human existence,” Najjar explains to Smithsonian.

"I was very much interested in how professional astronauts have to prepare for a flight to the International Space Station (ISS).” Feature Shoot interview with Michael Najjar.

Michael Najjar's outer space series will be the artist’s first exhibition at the gallery and the first big showing of the series in New York City.

"Payne is at his best when he finds a hook of humanity, when we as viewers can get beyond the grand architecture and begin to imagine the lives that inhabited these rooms."- Loring Knoblauch