Paolo Pellegrin is a photographer born in Rome in 1964. He studied architecture at L’Università la Sapienza before studying photography at the Instituto Italiano di Fotografia in Rome.
Pellegrin has photographed the Romani people in Italy and Bosnia, blood feuds in Albania, and has travelled in Romania, Mexico, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Kenya for a project on the AIDS epidemic, for which he won the World Press Photo award in 1995, and, in 1996, the Kodak Young Photographer Award. His work has taken him to dozens of countries, from New Orleans, Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he photographed the US naval base and detention center, to Egypt and Tunisia, where he covered the Islamic Spring.
His publications include Cambodia, produced with Médecins san Frontières, which earned him another World Press Photo Awards, and L’au De La Est La, about the children of post-war Bosnia, and Kosovo 1999–2000: The Flight of Reason. With reporter Scott Anderson, he has photographed more than ten cover stories for the New York Times Magazine. He has won ten World Press Photo Awards, and, in 2013, was named Photographer of the Year in the 70th annual Pictures of the Year international competition.

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